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There’s a lot of different things that make Big Block Realty, Big Block Realty. It starts with having a great group of people working with us, from Agents to Staff, we attract the BEST. The culture we’ve built has a big impact on the overall experience we create for Buyers, Sellers, and the Agents that work with us. We made this fun video to help you know what we’re all about! Enjoy!

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City Heights, San Diego Real Estate Spotlight

City Heights, San Diego Real Estate Spotlight

  Our City Heights, San Diego real estate spotlight showcases a large community with ethnic diversity. ? City Heights Location ? The main streets in City Heights include Fairmont Avenue, University Avenue, and El Cajon Boulevard. In fact, “Downtown” City Heights...

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Escondido Real Estate Spotlight

  This Escondido real estate spotlight features a small city of only a little less than 144,000 according to the 2010 U.S. Census. ? One of San Diego County’s oldest cities incorporated in 1888. “Escondido” is Spanish for “hidden”. ? Escondido Location ? Only 30...

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Chula Vista Real Estate Spotlight

  Our Chula Vista real estate spotlight features the second largest city in San Diego’s metropolitan area. Covering 52 square miles, Chula Vista also the second largest area in San Diego County. In Spanish, the words “Chula Vista” means beautiful view. ? Chula...

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